What is the Tersano SAO cleaning system and how effective is it at killing germs?

In-Tec is at the forefront of selecting the best and most innovative cleaning systems we can for our clients and we pride ourselves in not being just one of the ‘mop and bucket brigade’.


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Tips for preventing the spread of Coronavirus in your workplace

With so much news coverage in these past few months focusing on the global Coronavirus outbreak, it can feel a bit overwhelming as to what measures you should be taking to protect yourself, your...

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How can a commercial cleaning service save your business money?

No matter what type or size of business you have, engaging a commercial cleaning service is the best way to ensure your workplace looks and stays clean.Not only do you get the benefits of having a...

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5 benefits of adopting sustainable cleaning products in your workplace

Sustainable cleaning, eco-friendly cleaning, green cleaning….whatever you want to call it, there’s been a significant increase in the number of businesses adopting environmentally conscious...

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Preventing Cross Contamination with Colour Coded Cleaning


A colour coded cleaning system is an important staple in any good commercial cleaning service.    

Colour coded cleaning involves using specific coloured cleaning products, such as microfiber...

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How to Deal with Unhygienic Workplace Habits

Germs can spread like wildfire in any work environment as a result of unhygienic employee habits. Whether it be sneezing without using a tissue, leaving dirty dishes in the communal kitchen sink...

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3 Reasons to Spring Clean your Workplace

If you employ the regular services of a commercial cleaning company, you may think that a detailed “spring clean” is an unnecessary expenditure for your business.

However, unless your cleaning...

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